Founded in 2012, Sweet ’Art’s mission is dedicated to the promotion of artists at all levels of their career through the delivery of thought provoking, engaging and fun site specific exhibitions and live art events with a difference. Alongside the planned program of events, artists are invited to join Sweet ’Art and be part of a growing network of artists enabling them to showcase work online and be in touch with other members of the Sweet ‘Art collective.
Sweet ‘Art as a collective is dedicated to the promotion of art that is thought provoking, intelligent and challenging in its consideration of both aesthetic and concept.
Sweet ‘Art embraces all disciplines of work and encourages artists in a process of exploration, challenge and debate when considering their own practice and that of others.

■ Host site specific group exhibitions exploring various themes related to concept and aesthetic with an open submission policy.
■ Host smaller group and solo shows for members of Sweet’Art supporting members with curating, PR, promotion and events management.
■ Create a program of events throughout the year for Sweet’Art members that encourage networking, critique and skills sharing. This can take the form of organised crits, lectures and workshops that create debate and give support with practice development.
■ Make links with other organisations on behalf of our members and collaborate on exhibitions, events and projects.

For more please go to www.wearesweetart.com

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