Winter Lights by Laura Bianchessi

So the last two weeks in London has been all about the lights!
While Lumiere Festival invaded Soho and King’s Cross, literally, as the crowds made it almost impossible to enjoy some of the works, “far east” in Canary Wharf the Winter Light Festival had great works and a less stressful audience.
As a lover of everything that’s lights and colours (and art of course), I couldn’t miss a chance to walk around some bright sculptures and installations in one of the parts of the city that, let’s admit it, I tend not to consider too much when taking a stroll.
Open for almost two weeks, Winter Light seemed less vast and ambitious (or advertised) then its central London counterpart, but it didn’t fail to fascinate and excite, rather, without the squeezing through the throng, I found it more interesting and enjoyable.
18 international artists and designers spread their works around the area, showcasing sculptures, structures and installations created with different forms of light technology.
Here are some of my best bits!

Fantastic Planet by Amanda Parer


Bit.Fall by Julius Popp


My Light is Your Light by Alaa Minawi


A Parallel Image by Gebhard Sengmuller


A Parallel Image by Gebhard Sengmuller


The Luminous City by Nathaniel Rackowe



The piece that really interacted with the people was The Pool by Jen Lewin Studio in Montgomery Square. Everybody was running and jumping on the fields of whirl pooling lights, changing colour with the weight of the interactions and creating mesmerising patterns. I couldn’t resist trying it myself and taking the compulsory selfie!




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