Sweet ‘Art Summer Festival Artists Interviews – Susie Olczak

Its been one hell of a week and there is still time to get to our Punch exhibition to see the works before it closes! Heres a taster of whats on offer from the awesome Susie Olczak. Stand by for a post on all the fun of our first summer festival.

Tell us about your work and practice as an artist.

My work and research explores space, light, perspective and form through sculpture, drawing, photography and installation. Predominantly the focus is on how the viewer experiences space. I’m interested in playfully making people become more aware of the minimalist beauty that exists in the geometric structures in our cities.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by cities, architecture and materials. I often take notice of things people might rush past when moving from one place to another. My time studying at Art school in Japan was really inspirational, it was where I first realised how important light was to my mood and how influential it was to my artwork as a result. In Japan design is often focused on maximising on the use of natural light and spaces are carefully considered in order to be as enjoyable a place to be as possible.

What are you main plans a goals currently with regard to your practice?

I’ve just moved to London, so my main goal currently is to establish myself within the London art scene, to meet local artists and to learn as much as possible about the art world there.


What has been your most fulfilling or exciting experience of being an artist to date?

My most fulfilling experience as an artist so far is having had the opportunities to create light installations on buildings such as King’s College in Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of the e-luminate Festival. I got so much feedback from people enjoying the work and the projects were with the aim of promoting sustainability so something I feel really strongly about. I also did some outreach work as part of this festival whichinvolved working as a STEM/STEAM teacher collaborating with Panasonic. I taught young children about sustainability and creating hybrid toy cars and LED lanterns.

What kind of people do you enjoy spending time with the most?

I love spending time with a wide range of people and feel you can be inspired by people from all professions and with wide ranges of skill sets. I enjoy spending time with people who are motivated to do something good in the world and people who are driven and passionate about what they do.


Where will we meet in 5 years time?

Let’s aim high and say we will meet at the opening of my solo show somewhere really prestigious. Or perhaps yours?

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