Sweet ‘Art’s Summer Festival and Art Bar Crawl Artist Interviews – John Gathercole

In the run up to our summer festival we have decided to share interviews with some of our talented exhibiting artists. First up is John Gathercole’s short and definitely not sweet contribution! You can see his work in both the Punch and Salad Days exhibitions and if thats not enough you can also check him in action as one of our 4 artists taking part in our take over of Juno Bars Open and Live event at our Salad Days after party!


Tell us about your work and practice as an artist.

I paint pictures I do, deal with it yeah.

What inspires you?

Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots.


What are you main plans a goals currently with regard to your practice?

Make loads of money to spend on the above.

What has been your most fulfilling or exciting experience of being an artist to date?

Meeting Corrina. Obviously.


What kind of people do you enjoy spending time with the most?

Dead ones.

Where will we meet in 5 years time?

Bedlam, is it still open for business.

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