Sweet’Art Visits the Slade Graduate Show – 5 Good Things by Jerome Beresford

Sweet’Art popped along to the Graduate Show at the Slade School of Fine Art. It was all very conceptual with little figurative work and a rough and ready theme. But there are some interesting works to be seen; here were our favourite five in no particular order.

Trent Bates produced a fun little piece using a rotating projector to show an airliner endlessly flying around the inside of a cylindrical canvas. It reminded me of that gif of those table tennis cats saying “O RLY” “YA RLY” to each other, sometimes I like to think of them endlessly batting that ball back and forth on a server somewhere until the last computer in the world is destroyed.

Trent Bates

Richard Müller created an immersive cavern of projections, sand, light and sounds, with a dark pool of water dancing cymatically at its centre.

Richard Muller

We particularly enjoyed Sarah Choo Jing’s dark re-imaginings of Paris’ Pigalle quarter, populated with the occasional lost looking human statue or crusty juggler.

Sarah Choo Jing

Rory O’Connor ‘s elegant sculpture of a table carved out to accommodate the parabolic path of a pendulum hypnotised us for a pleasant moment.

Rory O'Connor

We enjoyed Natalia Janula’s tiny sculptures created using found materials, fusing the natural with the manmade, the timeless with the digital, and reminiscent of the enigmatic sculptures that drive the narrative in William Gibson’s Count Zero.

Natalia Janula

OH and on the way out: “I don’t understand my artwork, but people find it difficult. I think it’s really accessible.”

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