Sweet ‘Art top 5 picks at De Montfort University BA Design Crafts by Karina Geddes

So we decided to get crafty at De Montfort and here are are top 5 picks of the show! Lets hear it for the girls!

Hayley Jane Kennell

An interesting interpretation of contemporary poetry combined with the theme of hoarding. The surface patterns – some of which consisted of a 50’s pin up with a cow head and pattern, then printed onto simple vessel shapes – made for a pretty dark ceramics collection.
Katy Fletcher
What struck me most when looking at Katy’s collection was one, the sheer size of her contemporary jewelry piece, and two, the test tubes of questionable florescent liquid. I felt the big jewellery piece stood out because it is like a repeat pattern turned into a large sculpture, which made for striking contrast between art and craft.
Mary Hall
The girl with the big work ethic… literally. Her set up was like a school with embroidered graffiti-ed desks, spelling posters and fabric stationary. I spent a good twenty minutes flicking through her textile/stitched school work books. The level of detail to each page was both nostalgic and jaw dropping, from times tables to doodles and graffiti.
Naomi Jasmine
For what was a contemporary crafts exhibition these ceramics hailed more to antique Japanese pottery, with the feel of British maritime. The combination of both cultures resulted in some very unique surface design. Her work felt cheery and extremely pretty which contrasted well with the more “modern style” craft pieces.
Natasha Burn
While looking at metal sculptures and jewellery, it nearly took me a full five minutes to realise that it was suspended. This added a delicacy to her work, as you would normally associate metal with being heavy and clunky. Additionally the contrast between the colours and pattern made them feel less like sculptures, and more like naturally found objects.

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