Interveiw with Gabriele Gumu Founder of dressed&naked Magazine

“Artists who have visually striking pieces, someone who is different, experimental, interesting and brave will always have a place in dressed&naked.” Gabriele Gumu

On meeting Gabriele over a few cocktails we got some first hand experience of the powerhouse behind this quote and instantly knew that Sweet ‘Art had found a kindred spirit in dressed&naked.

Dressed&naked is the brainchild of Gabriele Gumu who knocked up something pretty  special for her degree show project and hasn’t looked back since. This magazine looks great! It has an effortless cool that is accessible and unpretentious while leaving you with no doubt that those talents featured are the ones to look out for!

Gabriele and co strive to create something that challenges the elitist and generic in the art world as do we, so when she asked if we could join forces and help with the events management of the dressed&naked upcoming issue launch party we were there!

So watch this space for more details on that and in the mean time here is some of what we found out about Gabrielle over one too many Slow Fixes! We have left out the bits out about Berlin sex swings!

dressedand naked3

When did dressed&naked launch and what was the inspiration behind it?

Dressed&naked started as a student project for my final BA Advertising degree show at Uni of the Arts. It was a self-initiated project that I was working on throughout the entire year. So undoubtedly I had to come up with something that’d be fun and interesting whilst at the same time showing my best qualities. So my genius idea was to simply combine everyone else’s best qualities and create a platform for all crazy young talents to show off their work and personalities. I built an advertising strategy and created a brand, which was appealing to the artists and got lots of them to participate on the project – a great selection of work was born with an insight into the world of young artists. It all went extremely well – I got some mates to take off their shirts in the photo shoots, answer some provocative questions and got myself a 1st class honours degree at the same time. haha! Since then dressed&naked has gone from strength to strength.


Shots and Cigarettes: Art direction- Gabriele Gumu, Photography- Barbara Mal

What does dressed&naked offer that is different from other publications?

Not only a selection of great and varied works but also a collection of young and upcoming ambitious artists with their insights into life, their personal views and goals. Oh, and also some straightforward jokes and truths that some might be too shy to talk about out loud!


Topless Guys & Dressed Up Girls: Art direction-Gabriele Gumu Photography-Barbara Mal

How do you select the artists you feature in dressed&naked and how important is it to you to feature up and coming creative people?

We feature many talented artists that show interest in showcasing their work in our publication either in the printed issue or on social media channels. I do approach artists too. There are so many talented people around that have great work but they need a platform to show it, so the main task of dressed&naked is to approach them and be like ‘hey, you’ve got amazing work, let’s share it with others!’. Artists who have any visually striking pieces, someone who is different, experiential, interesting and brave will always have a place in dressed&naked.


The magazine is beautifully designed and looks great, what is your creative background and who else has input into the look and content of the magazine?

Thanks! Without amazing works from the artists featured it wouldn’t look that great of course. I create all the content and design the pages myself, while my friend Barbara Mal collaborated with me on the 1st issue and she designed a lot of the pages, as well as a couple of spreads in the second issue. I guess the whole beauty of the look is the experimentation with different design options and a non-existence of ground rules while at the same time keeping it quite minimalistic and clean. I have some graphic design background, also my friends from design and publishing have been extremely helpful in giving their feedback and advice that helped a lot towards building something that is visually pleasant. I also take great inspiration from a huge collection of magazines that I have!

Do you see dressedandnaked expanding in the future and what are your dreams and aspirations for the publication?

I’d like to believe so! I do believe in it and have been contacted by many others who do too. Ideas and works just keep coming! My biggest dream is to expand the magazine from being just a printed issue to a whole platform for young artists, including a website, blog and social media, as well as organising events or even some creative space for young artists to gather and collaborate on aspiring projects. I’m already brainstorming ideas for this with a good friend of mine so watch this space! The last but important thing for me is to expand globally. Having already received a lot of interest from artists from all over the world, my ambition is to expand from featuring mainly artists from London to the ones from different parts of the world. It’s going well already – in issue #2 we featured the work of artists from Uruguay, Amsterdam, Lithuania, while a very talented artist from Colombia made an amazing cover art.


Daniel Mango, photographer Sertenjo

Do you have any exciting collaborations or projects coming up? Tell us what’s in store for dressed&naked over the coming year.

Yes! I’m extremely excited about our upcoming, amazing collaboration with you guys on our issue launch party! I know that we’re going to create a really great event with the help of you guys! I am also really looking forward to featuring some new works and interviews of artists from Denmark and LA as well as some young actors from the UK and many more great features. We are also looking forward to showing some great visual interpretations of ‘dressed&naked’ made by artists from London.


Art direction: Gabriele Gumu, Photography: Barbara Mal

…..of course the most important thing to remember is our launch party at The Star by Hackney Downs, Hackney, London, happening in April with some great DJs, visual art, live artists, interactive installations, films, freebies and booze involved – we will you keep posted!

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